Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Virgin

The title says it all don't you think?

Yes. Believe it or not I am a 'Blog Virgin', at least I was up until now. I hope you are proud of yourself

I've been eager to start my own blog for a while now, so I registered a profile, put up a photo, filled out a little information, told you my interests, then BAM! A blank page. Now I'm not one who is easily intimidated but just looking at this white, blank webpage sent a chill down my spine. My mind filled with thoughts, and many fears, most being stupid and childish fears. "Will they like me?” "Who will actually want to follow MY blog?” "Will they judge my writing in all its grammatically incorrect glory?” "Will I write something I shouldn't?” "Will someone that I hope never sees this, see it?” It took me a whole month to put my fears aside, say "who bloody cares" and finally put some writing on this page. So now that I've started, what was it that I wanted to say?

You ever heard a bunch of really good songs on the radio and tell yourself to remember them so you can download them to your itunes later. Then later arrives and you're sitting in front of your computer and you can't even think of one of those damn songs. That's how I feel right now. I felt I had so much to say and vent and share and.... well now I got nothing, niente, nada, nil, zero. So I thought I would start with something basic. My blog name. 


Under This Skin.


I'm always curious to know how people came up with the name of their blog, and what that name means to them, so I figured I'd explain mine. First I threw around a bunch of names that just described me like short and sweet, but then came to realise there was no way I could sum up myself in so few words that would actually justify who I am (I’m not always sweet, I can be a bitch, and people may take it as my blog being short and sweet) Then I thought maybe I'll simply let you know this blog was mine, and would be about life through my point of view. But Francesca's World just didn't have the right ring to it. Finally I thought, I want to get the point where I feel I can share my deepest secrets, reveal who I really am, let who ever may read this know what makes me, me. Below the surface, beneath all superficial qualities, what's under my skin, what gets under my skin, what's been under my skin, what I can't remove from under my skin. I want to learn what's under other peoples skin in the 'blogosphere' too. And that is how I came up with 'Under This Skin'.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read my first attempt at blogging. Your feedback is very welcomed and any handy tips are appreciated :)

Blog 1: complete

Publishing Post in 10, 9, 8, 7, (deep breathe) 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...